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Welcome to The 2019 Great Northern Arts Festival.

join us in celebrating 31 years of Northern art and Artists.


Welcome from the Board

Good day!  Drin Gwiinzii!  Atitu! Bon jour! Once again, we gather together under the midnight sun to celebrate the richness and diversity of arts in the north.  We welcome you to our vibrant arctic town, situated on the traditional territories of the Inuvialuit and Gwich’in people.  We hope you will delight in our northern hospitality and make the most of your stay here under the skies of endless light!

We also hope that you enjoy the many opportunities of the festival.  The opportunity to meet artists face to face, the opportunity to create and learn in the many workshops available and the opportunity to witness art in its many forms- sewing, carving, painting, singing, dancing…and more.

This celebration of life, culture, tradition and creativity would not be possible without the support of our community.  Sincere gratitude goes out to our sponsors, without whom none of this would be possible.  Many thanks to all the volunteers, staff, and artists who give so much of their energy and care so that this festival is a success, year after year- 30 years, in fact!

Thank you for coming to spend these exciting, educational and inspiring ten days with us here in Inuvik!  We hope you enjoy all we have to share.

-          The Board of Directors of the Great Northern Arts Society


Welcome from the Mayor

Welcome to Inuvik, the Place of Man!

Inuvik, a place where artistic endeavours of the Gwich’in and Inuvialuit, shapes the town’s cultural landscape. The Great Northern Arts Festival is an integral part of Inuvik’s summers. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the festival’s iconic diversity of activities, namely, the ceremonies, the workshops, the exhibitions, and everything else!

The Town of Inuvik is a proud sponsor of the Great Northern Arts Festival and we look forward to the enthusiasm and excitement that the festival brings to the North! As a matter of its popularity, the festival now ranks in the Top 25 Festivals in North America, according to Rand McNally Maps.

“The Hand of Talent” is a perfect theme for the 31st edition of the Great Northern Arts Festival. Many hands of talent have served the Festival year after year. The talent each artist brings is techniques learned passed from generation to generation, some self-taught after years of practice, and honing their artistry.   

I wish you enjoy the festival as much as I do, and take the opportunity to chat with the local people and elders. Also take time to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the land and learn about the richness of our cultures. 

Congratulations to the board, the staff, the volunteers, and everyone else involved in making this event a wonderful one!

Mashi Cho, Quyanaq, Merci, Thank you!

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July 12th - 21st 2019


Given the remote locations of most Northern communities, it is vital that artists be given the opportunity to access markets and buyers, as well as attend professional development workshops and seminars.

To help accomplish this goal, the Great Northern Arts Society offers workshops and seminars on pricing, marketing, creativity, funding sourcing and grant-writing, artistic integrity, artist biography writing, and many other educational subjects. At the Festival, to promote the art actually created by Northern artists, we show as vast an array of artwork as possible, in medium, technique, and inspiration.

Inuvik-Northwest Territories

July 12 - 21, 2019

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