Volunteer With the Festival!

Our volunteers are integral to the success of GNAF, we need your enthusiasm and energy! 

Our volunteer base ranges from students to senior citizens and includes local volunteers and those who travel long distances to be a part of this celebration of art. Unity in diversity brings our artists and volunteers together; many return year after year.

If you are interested in volunteering after reading the volunteer information, please fill out our Volunteer Form and forward to our office.


Benefits of Volunteering at Gnaf

  • For every hour you volunteer you receive a $1.00 Festival Credit which can be spent in our Festival Gallery.

  • Lunch or supper with the Artists and Staff at the Artists Cafeteria.

  • You get the satisfaction of knowing that your assistance is integral to GNAF artist's success!


Volunteer Expectations

  • Sincerity and Commitment! Our artists, as well as our staff are counting on you ~ your honest efforts are appreciated!

  • Be a Team Player! Introduce yourself as a volunteer. Be familiar with activities and get to know the artists, staff and other volunteers. Be friendly, help answer questions, or find someone who can.

  • Be attentive! Little things count. Helping to straighten chairs, wipe tables, pick up garbage, or simply lending a hand when someone is stressed or needs help can make a world of difference.

  • Enjoy yourself! Have fun in the creative atmosphere and high energy that surrounds our Festival. Let our artists know that you respect and enjoy their talents and let visitors know that they are welcome.


Available Volunteer Positions


  • Gallery Sales Clerk : Responsible for the sale of Gallery artwork. Transactions involve use of cash register, debit and Visa machines. Training will be available.

  • T-shirt Sales Clerk : Responsible for selling T-shirts, souvenirs, art-cards, CD's, etc. Located where visitors sign-up and pay for Public Workshops. Transactions involve use cash register. Training will be available.

  • Assistant Framer and Packer : Assist Framing Staff to pack delicate, expensive art work for shipping or to be picked up by customers. Training in use of shrink-wrap equipment will be available.

  • Inventory and Pricing Assistant : Unpack artwork shipped from outside of Inuvik. Organize items for inventory and pricing.

  • Gallery Set-up : Assist Logistics Staff to clean, paint display units, lay carpet, move panels, pick up supplies, attach hardware, etc.

  • Gallery Tear-down : Assist Logistics Staff to disassemble exhibition after inventory. Pack and stack display units for storage, return office equipment to main office, etc.

  • Gallery Host/ Security : Prevent theft and damage to art on display, respond to queries from visitors, maintain security presence.


  • Admissions Receptionist : Welcome visitors to gallery, receive admission fee, inform visitors of guest book and artist award ballots.

  • Office Receptionist : Answer telephone, forward calls and messages to staff, volunteers, artists and performers.

  • Assistant Workshop Coordinator : Assist the set up of workshop areas, equipment, tables and chairs, materials and signs for public and / or artist workshops.

Fashion Show/Evening Events

  • Fashion Show Assistant : Assist coordinator with stage set-up, help models prepare clothing, makeup, hair.

  • Models : Model traditional and modern clothing from communities throughout the North.

  • Entertainment Assistant : Assist Entertainment Director and Performers with stage preparations, audio equipment, chairs, and timing for performances.

Other Positions

  • Cafeteria : Assist in preparation of meals, cafeteria, cleanup, dishes and cleaning tables, etc.

  • Demo Tent Security : Maintain security of demonstration tents at night.

  • Carving : Sell stone to carvers. Training available to learn about the various types of stone.

  • Floater : Fill in any position where help is needed (including above positions), make photocopies, help care for Elders, make coffee, relief breaks for others, etc.

  • Gopher : Will be asked to "go-for" supplies for an artist or staff, make a run to the airport, etc. Vehicle required.


We appreciate your interest in volunteering, to apply please complete the form below.

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