Inuvik is a place of rich diversity, located on the Mackenzie Delta - Canada's largest fresh water delta, close to the Arctic Ocean, with a spectacular view of the Richardson Mountains. Inuvik is nested between the treeless tundra and the northern boreal forest, and overlooks the incredible maze of lakes and streams of the Delta. Whether you are looking for northern arts and culture, remote rivers and wilderness, a chance to see arctic wildlife, or just a place to relax and enjoy the midnight sun - Inuvik is your destination. Inuvik has a lot to offer and is also the gateway to other northern communities and adventures.



he Dempster Highway takes you across the Great Divide, over three mountain ranges, across the Arctic Circle and by ferry over the mighty Mackenzie River. Every summer hundreds of adventurers drive up the highway using vehicles from huge luxury R.V.s to bicycles. Whether you choose a driving holiday or take advantage of Canadian North's seat sale during our Festival, travel above the Arctic Circle is an experience you should not miss!




Canadian North is our Official Carrier, and they carry our highest recommendation. Canadian North and its founding companies have served the North for over 75 years. This airline, 100% aboriginal owned, is a striving healthy company that provides superior service to all northerners including the over 30,000 shareholders (Inuvialuit and Inuit of Nunavut) that own it.

Reservations: 1 800 661-1505