Are you interested in Sponsoring the Great Northern Arts Festival?


Sponsorship of the Great Northern Arts Festival offers the opportunity to:

Associate your organization with a professional, high-level international arts organization that has provided over twenty-eight continuous years of successful exposure and opportunity: not only for artists, but also for Northern Canadian tourism, business and the Inuit, lnuvialuit, Gwich'in, Dene. 

Enhance your brand image and raise your company's Northern profile. 

Help create long-term educational opportunities for youth in the community through workshops, professional development opportunities and mentorship programs. 

Demonstrate to your customers, suppliers, employees and the community your commitment to give back. 

Strengthen employee morale by involving your employees in team and community exercises by offering paid volunteer days and incentive rewards.


Corporate support is critical to the success of the Great Northern Arts Festival.

Funding for the arts and retention of culture is a challenge in all parts of Canada today. Despite the incredibly generous donations by our many event suppliers, corporate sponsorship is required to cover required hard costs, ensuring the Society is able to put on a professional grade event each year.


Who are our sponsors?